Career counseling at the Recruiting Day of the VDI in Cologne | Germany (27.10.2022)

27.10.2022,  11:00 - 17:00 |

Maritim Hotel
Heumarkt 20
50667 Köln. Germany


Rodriguez International Consulting offers you professional advice during the event.

VDI (Association of German Engineers) offers free of charge professional advice during their monthly job fairs.

¿Are you a Young Professional and you are planing to start your professional career?

¿ Are your job applications not getting all the feedback you were expecting?

¿Are you considering working in Germany?

Ruth Vijande Rodríguez (Rodríguez International Consulting) has experience helping professionals in their career paths, also in the job search, specially in Germany.

Everyone interested in a job change, o just needs advice for their professional career, has the chance to use this service.

30.10.2019,  11:00 - 17:00.

Kardinal-Frings-Str. 1-3
50668 Köln. Germany



Source: VDI nachrichten.