Behind the name Rodríguez International Consulting is a German-Spanish business network. A commonality is the lengthy international experience as professionals and leaders in different management positions. Besides the economics and engineering knowledge contribute to apply a general and integral approach to develop our individual solutions for you.

From our personal and professional experience, we understand ourselves as "border crossers". Respecting all cultures we have learned that many challenges ar global and we all follow similar goals. These topics accompany us and motivate us. We are ambitious and habe the strong intention to develop solutions for companies and individuals for the big challenges nowadays.


50+ of jointly professional workig experience help us to understand your needs and expectations, in a global way and from all facets.
For an individual advice, it is necessary a transparent communication about your needs and also about your challenges and special features. This trust is translate in our results. Because every project is exclusive and individual, confidentiality is guaranteed.


We are not just management consultants that develop a strategy or solution for you. We offer a value added as we can jointly implement them.
In HR Consulting - with the candidates or companies - we can play a more active role, if this is wished.


As a company managed by the founder and owner, with a cooperation professional network, we live the principle of strategic collaboration. Not just among us, but also with our clients. You will perceive us not as an anonymous institution, but as partners that understand and share your goals and activities.
We respect your values, that define you as a person and professional.

Mission Vision
  • Vision: A world without borders“
  • Mission: Our mission is to help our clients - individuals and companies - to overcome their mental or physical borders to reach their goals. The satisfaction of our customers is our success. This motivates us to give our best to help our clients to reach their goals and creates a stimulating environment for us to grow.
  • Values:
  • Fairness: We consider openness and fairness in trustworthy cooperation among us and with our clients, as premise  for our success.
  • Reliability and credibility: We just commit to what we can do and consider them as obligations.
  • Respect for diversity: We proclaim our regional and cultural origings, and consider diversity as added value and key for our success.