Career Counseling

We provide realistic advice to job seekers and workers in the selection of industries, companies and new jobs. We see ourselves as your personal advice and professional advice in career matters. The steps in the professional career have to be well planned and considered.

We work with a comprehensive understanding of the structures and requirements of organizations and a high sensitivity to the actions and interactions of people. We gather companies and applicants when we think that the requirements, on the one hand, and the qualifications and ideas, on the other, coincide.

As experienced staff consultants, we are familiar with the full range of processes and their daily challenges and advise you on three main topics: career guidance, expatriation and coaching.

Career advice and planning

  • You have accomplished everything in your current business, but do you really want to go higher?
  • We offer professional advice and planning, which has its objectives in mind and works with its strengths and potentials.
  • Can you really plan a career? Of course, sometimes things happen differently than you expected. But even so, professional careers rarely develop spontaneously.
  • Are you looking for a demanding, competent and challenging support for your career planning? Are you facing a change in your career? Are you looking for new perspectives and opportunities or are you considering a change?
  • Then professional career counselling can be very beneficial . With coaching designed for the needs of specialists and executives, you can access the most complete consulting services.

Based on a common dialogue, we clarify the important questions for you about your professional orientation:

Where is it now (real analysis)?

  • What are your main competences and strengths?
  • Where do you really want to go (objective analysis)?
  • How does r your objective (career strategy)?

The career plan includes, among others, the following topics:

  • Development of a career plan.
  • Decision to support professional alternatives.
  • Determination of the cause of failure.
  • Development of solution and procedure concepts.
  • Or just talk to a specialist about your own situation.

Make an appointment for a preliminary talk.

We use it to know ourselves and to define their wishes and goals.
You decide which consulting services are interesting for you and what priorities to set. In accordance with your wishes, we establish your personal consulting program.

The advice is available in German, Spanish or English. Conversations with Skype are possible.
You might use your investment in the context of your tax return as related expenses.