Labor market: Germany needs an annual net migration of 15,000 engineers

Reisende mit Koffer am Flughafen

Immigration must compensate future engineers decline

The number of students and graduates in engineering in Germany will continue to fall, also more and more senior engineers retire.

A study of VDI and the German Economic Institute in Cologne shows that by the year 2029 710.000 engineers need to be replaced due to age - 42 percent of the current employees. Medium to long term, this means the development of the engineering labor market relative underfunding of qualified engineers 840.00-390.000 people.

Sinking the number of graduates as expected, Germany needs an annual net migration of at least 15,000 engineers in order to secure its manpower base in the engineering sector in the long term.

We see great potential for the foreign students who are being trained at German universities and engineers who come up with a foreign degree to Germany. Currently every 10th engineer has been trained abroad by the 1.7 million employed engineers in Germany.

Dr. Ruth Vijande Rodríguez, of the same named International Recruiters , explains: "As specialists are needed in Germany, the idea for our special recruiting services originated. We are a personnel consultancy that specializes in the search and selection of engineers in an international environment. The offer is aimed at employers with demand for engineers, technical specialists and managers, and employees for international assignments as in Spain or South America. "

"Many foreign engineers have a great deal of flexibility and mobility, and a willingness to travel. Rural areas are for these professionals seldom a reason to reject a job offer. They have the potential to adapt in a relatively short time to the requirements of the German labor market "explained the Managing director of Rodriguez International Consulting .